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1- Rotating ads on Blog page = $250 US for 6 months

See sample location at  http://gayhopperblog.com/ 


2-   Find a Host page page = $1,000 US for 6 months

User must be logged on first. See sample location at  http://www.gayhopper.com/search.php 

3-     Skyscraper ad = $1,250 US for 6 months

Many locations to choose from. These locations are available on a first come basis. 

After submitting your request for this option we will contact you to identify the best 

Skycraper available for your needs.

Skycraper Location A- http://gayhopper.com/mostpopular.php 

Skycraper Location B- http://gayhopper.com/questions.php 

Skycraper Location C- http://gayhopper.com/forum.php


4- Main page ad = $5,000 US for 6 months

located at http://www.gayhopper.com/



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